Chief Executive Officer

  • Manager of corporate planning and software development at a tire-manufacturer with 6,500 employees
  • Product manager at an international computer company
  • Director of controlling at a trading group with 40,000 employees
  • CFO and CEO at a trading and service group (approx. 1.0 bn. € turnover)
  • General partner and CEO of two corporate finance companies
  • Owner of JP Jäger & Partner Corporate Finance Advisors
  • Experience as head and member of advisory boards

Consulting emphases:

  • since 1978 mergers & acquisitions, restructuring, financial engineering


  • “Zur EDV-mäßigen Realisitation einer Grenzplankostenrechnung“ (Oldenbourg, 1974), and others

Advisor Global Strategies

  • Management and advisory functions in several mid-sized companies
  • Experience and scientific work in IT management, mobile business, marketing and ecommerce
  • Working for JP Jäger & Partner Corporate Finance Advisors and JP Mergers & Finance AG since 1999
  • Board member of a business association
  • Organisation of business fairs

Consulting emphases:

  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Company strategy